It was amazing to see creators innovating with Shorts, experimenting with editing, filters, popular audio samples, music and more. Since the launch of Shorts, channels that upload both short and long formats have seen better overall watch time and subscriber growth compared to those that only upload long formats.

    We also see multi-format creators like Jon rewriting the rules of video creativity. In our chat, he shared his latest obsession that he coined the “first picture rule.”

    “I try to shoot and edit my content in such a way that the first frame – literally the first thing viewers see – creates as much tension in the story as possible,” he said. “For example, in this Creators vs. Celebrities video, there were many failed attempts at this intro until I came to a successful ‘first frame’ that took off. Finally, I literally printed and held up a physical photo comparing them and asked the shortest possible question: “Who are these two people?” Just then, in the first frame, the story was set.

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