Sharjah24: Xposure International Photography Festival is proud to announce an exciting range of workshops for photographers and photography enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, the festival workshops will please everyone. Led by some of the best photographers and experts in the industry, these workshops will offer participants the opportunity to learn new techniques and improve their craft.
    This year, Xposure is offering an incredible 53 different workshops that will engage and empower those who sign up, whatever their interests, profession or level, from smartphone photographers to directors of photography (DOPs), there’s something for everyone. tastes.

    Fundamental skills and software
    Roland Pokrywka offers “Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic” and “Organizing Photos with Adobe Lightroom Classic” which will cover organizing and editing photos, retouching and creating prints. Learn tips and tricks from a professional photographer and an Adobe Lightroom expert. Additionally, he will host “The Secret Formula to Photography” which teaches the best camera settings, essential equipment, shot planning, finding the light, framing techniques and creative approaches. . Suitable for beginners and professionals looking to improve their photography skills. Roland will also be offering the ‘Essential Photography Techniques’ half-day photography course for beginners and those looking to improve their skills. The “The Magic of Time” workshop teaches participants how to use different shutter speeds to capture dynamic and unique sports, action shots or even capture the Milky Way.

    From digital to analog
    Robert Irving’s “Street Photography Skill Set” workshop teaches the important genre of street photography, its goals, dynamics, lighting and composition techniques, demeanor, decisive moment, street portraiture, legal considerations and how it can inform other genres. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the art of street photography and how to improve their own practice. ‘Why is engagement important in photography?’ will teach the concept of engagement and its role in creating better photographs. Strategies for engaging with subjects and environments, understanding human nature, pre-visualizing and slowing down the approach. Participants will learn how to create more meaningful photographs.

    Irving will also host ‘Why Shoot Film?’ teach the differences and benefits of film photography, including the importance of previewing the intended capture, the concept of the decisive moment, and the added benefits of filming such as mindfulness. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the art of film photography. Finally, in the “Smartphone Photography” workshop, Robert teaches participants how to take professional quality photos using their smartphone camera, covering topics such as maximizing the potential of camera, understanding limits and developing a sense of composition.

    Learn to master your trade for the commercial world
    Philip Lee Harvey, an acclaimed commercial photographer and filmmaker listed in Lürzer’s Archive magazine’s Top 200 Advertising Photographers, offers three workshops to share his experiences and skills with others. In “Magazine Assignments To Advertising Campaigns,” he walks participants through the process of creating impactful images for clients, from concepts and costs to creating photo essays and full-scale advertising campaigns.

    In “Shooting Video For Photographers And How To Keep Your Own Style”, he shares his approach to making short films and shows participants how to create storyboards, choose the right equipment and explain how and when the cameras should move. In “Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Storytelling Moments”, he delves into the nuances of lifestyle photography and shows participants how to create successful images, from finding inspiration and selecting the right subjects and backgrounds to work with clients and art directors.

    Take your skills to the next level and learn from the best in the world
    Photography enthusiasts have a rare opportunity to join a variety of experienced photographers in a series of workshops that will take their photography skills to the next level. They can learn how to create cyberpunk worlds with Daniel Cheong in “Creating Cyberpunk Worlds”, create dramatic portraits with Joel Grimes in “Creating The Dramatic Portrait” and capture dynamic landscapes with Albert Dros in “Creating Dynamic Landscape Images: From Big Scenes To Small details.’

    Participants can learn the basics of landscape photography with Dany Eid in “Introduction to Landscape Photography” and improve their photo editing skills with Chris Coe in “The Skill of Image Editing”. Chris will also host ‘How to Photograph a Personal Project’, which teaches participants how to grow and improve as a photographer by designing and carrying out a personal project. During ‘Capturing Moments In Time’, Muhammed Muheisen will guide participants on the ethics of photography and the art of capturing meaningful moments.

    Attendees can learn game-changing tips and tricks with Beno Saradzic in “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Photography,” Overcome Your Photographic Fears, and Get Closer to People with Souhayl A in “Get Closer to People.” people and conquer your photographic fears”, ‘ and learn the art of visual storytelling with Abir Abdullah in ‘Visual Storytelling.’ Finally, understand the difference between winning images and POY and Pulitzer Images with J Tomas Lopez in ‘Xposure 2022 Winning Images Vs POY And Pulitzer Images’ and hear from industry leaders in ‘Photographic Education in the 21st Century’ with Douglas Dubler, Muhammed Muheisen, Lars Boering, J. Tomas Lopez.

    There will also be Sony-sponsored workshops that are more gear-focused, namely “Sony 8k Cinematic Workflow” with Gerry Blaksley, “Level Up With The Sony Fx6” with Timothy Fare-Matthews, “Lighting Your Subject” with Faisal AlBisher, ‘Introduction To Fine Art Photography’ with Amani AlShaali, and ‘An Introduction To Bird Photography’ with Akhil.

    In addition, workshops specially designed for young people visiting Xposure this year will give them the opportunity to establish themselves in the world of photography from an early age.

    As well as incredible opportunities to improve one’s skills and understanding, Xposure will also offer bespoke portfolio reviews conducted by expert professionals to provide insight and feedback, as well as a range of focus groups to focus on valuable topics and give attendees the chance to get advice directly from the world’s top photographers and industry leaders.

    Xposure invites all photographers, regardless of skill level, to come and participate in these workshops, led by some of the best photographers in the industry, who will offer participants the opportunity to learn new techniques and improve their job. In order not to miss this opportunity to learn from the best and take your photography to the next level, booking is essential as places are limited. Whether you’re looking to improve your technical skills, explore new creative possibilities, or simply enjoy the joys of self-expression, this year’s 51 workshops at Xposure International Photography Festival have something for everyone.

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