CHARLESTON, South Carolina (WCSC) — The 25th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait Awards will take place Tuesday at Charleston Music Hall.

    The Portrait Awards recognize people who are leaders in the Lowcountry.

    Representative Wendell Gilliard, who started the portrait awards 25 years ago, says they honor servant leaders who take the time to make a difference in their community.

    “There are so many people here doing things and opening up their hearts, their wallets, their resources to try to get us through these tough times, so the slate is full,” Gillard says.

    Representative Wendell Gilliard started the portrait awards while working on the Charleston City Council.

    Gilliard says he wanted to recognize people who are leaders in their community, regardless of status.

    “We wanted to make sure that these people don’t go unnoticed, not that they want to be recognized,” says Gilliard, “I think it’s more important to know that they’re appreciated, and that’s a way of their show that they are appreciated.

    Young Leaders of Tomorrow from the Charleston Development Academy will perform at the awards ceremony. The ceremony will take place Tuesday at 11 a.m. The event will be open to the public.

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