A teenager from BALSALL Common calls on fellow Silhillians to name those who have made a difference in the lives of children and young people.

    Isabelle Delaney was crowned the winner of the Inspirational Young Person Ages 12-14 award at last year’s WellChild Awards at a prestigious ceremony in London.

    Now she and her mother Heather are calling on residents to highlight their heroes.

    Heather said: “Isabelle had a fantastic day at the WellChild Awards in London.

    “It was a great experience for all of us to be involved in and something we will never forget.

    “It would be great if another kid or professional from our area was a winner.”

    Isabelle has a range of serious health conditions including autism, ADHD, hypermobility and Irlens syndrome, she struggles with her partially dislocated knees has a traumatic adult response and significant anxiety as well as selective mutism and sleep disorders.

    She also suffers from frequent migraines. Isabelle suffers daily with her joints. Her hypermobility and her joint problems cause her to suffer constantly, her joints are very hyper mobile and unstable.

    The 13-year-old was bullied at school which impacted her mental health and led her to self-harm.

    During the pandemic and lockdowns, Isabelle was unable to attend school or access online learning.

    When schools reopened in September 2020, Isabelle returned to school, but again suffered significant bullying.

    Isabelle has a traumatic reaction to adults and therefore it is extremely difficult for her to go to school or to medical appointments.

    WellChild chief executive Matt James said: “There are more children and young people than ever in the UK living with serious and long-term health needs.

    “The pandemic has placed these children and families under more pressure than many of us can comprehend.

    “The 2023 WellChild Awards will be a unique opportunity to recognize and highlight the immense challenges they continue to face and to celebrate the remarkable positivity, resilience and spirit they have shown.

    “It will also help us shine a light on the dedication of those around them, the siblings and professionals who went above and beyond to help them through these difficult times.”

    Applications close March 20.

    For more information or to complete the application form, click here.

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