A young couple in love with Jesus recently got married and are now weighing which of two pre-approved career paths they will follow.

    Late in the game of born-again marriages, Abigail (20) and Peter Bird (19) tied the knot after six months of dating, a decision that had nothing to do with the following commandment six to a tee.

    Now that the two are ready to spend their heavenly life together, they must first agree on whether they will become professional baby photographers or open a juice bar together.

    “Those are both viable options,” explained Peter, who was still suffering from mild dehydration after their honeymoon.

    “Everyone we know drinks coffee and everyone we know is also pregnant, so it could go either way.”

    With born-again Christians being the only demographic that still has children according to the traditional calendar approved by western democracy, becoming a professional baby photographer not only means they have a lot of contacts, but also a lot of things to s train.

    However, lord-loving youngsters are known to open overly cheerful cafes that are known to be packed after a Sunday service and really fashionable for those first two years in business.

    “To be honest with you, we are considering doing a hybrid. Like a juice cafe where you walk in and have a juice while you have your baby’s picture taken. We could call it “JuiceBabes”.

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