KATHMANDU, January 24: Cable television entrepreneurs have warned that if the government does not create an enabling environment for the regular transmission of cable television services, they will be forced to shut down their businesses. They warned that they would hand over the keys to their offices to the government if their demands were not met.

    The All Nepal Cable Entrepreneurs Meeting held in Kathmandu on Monday issued this warning. They demanded that the report of the committee formed to make recommendations regarding the use of electric poles and the payment of rent for them be immediately implemented and that the rental rate of Shrawan 2075 BS (mid-July to mid -August) be maintained .

    Likewise, the meeting also demanded an immediate end to the “illegal activities” of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) such as cutting cables, confiscating cable equipment and stopping power supply in various places in the country on the issue of poles. the rents.

    Entrepreneurs mentioned that illegal broadcasting of programs via OTT/Mobile/App/YouTube/Facebook in the name of Internet and IPTV is against the National Broadcasting Act, 2049 BS, National Broadcasting Regulations, 2052 BS, Advertising ( Regulating) Act, 2076BS and the Advertising Regulations (Regulation), 2077BS must be stopped immediately.

    According to them, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should immediately stop selling and distributing Internet services by creating a free IPTV bundle package on behalf of the Internet, IPTV providers should be allowed to broadcast content from line allowed in downlink and nationally licensed channels only. with the rigor of the law.

    They also demanded that in the name of Free IPTV, broadcasting done through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who have been illegally broadcasting TV programs for years in violation of the National Broadcasting Act 2049 be immediately stopped and that broadcast and distribution fees and fines should be collected from these ISPs.

    Speaking during the discussion, Dhruva Sharma, Chairman of the Federation of Nepalese Cable TV Entrepreneurs, said cable entrepreneurs themselves faced problems due to the lack of uniformity. He alleged that even when he told the government about the cable problem, they didn’t care. He also said there was no alternative to cable to run national television.

    Likewise, the cable entrepreneurs have demanded an immediate solution to the problems encountered in the cable field and to create an environment in which the cable television service, which has been accepted by the State of Nepal as an essential service, and illegal broadcasts in the field of broadcasting should be stopped immediately.

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