Disney-branded television is gearing up to launch its brand new anime series Love!

    The stars of the series to come Kimiko Glenn like the voice of Kiff, alongside Michael Croner like the character Barry.

    Disney dropped the disney channel and Disney+ premiere dates Tuesday, January 24, and even shared the show’s theme song, along with an additional cast.

    Learn all the details inside…

    The upcoming show follows Kiff, an optimistic squirrel whose best intentions often lead to complete chaos, and his best friend Barry, a sweet and fluffy rabbit. Set in the bustling mountains, where animals and magical creatures live in harmony, the series features the duo, who take the city by storm with their endless adventures and zest for life.

    Each half-hour episode is made up of two 11-minute stories and will include a new original song.

    Love is inspired by people and places creators/executive producers Lucy Heavens and Nic Petit lived growing up in Cape Town, South Africa. They will also voice characters in the show!

    The series will air Friday, March 10 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel, then Wednesday, March 15 on Disney+.

    Check out the theme song and check out all the characters (and who voice them) below…

    ‘KIFF’ Cast and Characters

    • Kimiko Glenn voices Kiff, an optimistic squirrel whose lust for life takes him on countless adventures across his town.
    • Michael Croner voices Barry, Kiff’s naive and lovable best friend, who is a bunny.
    • James Monroe Iglehart and Laurence Ash voice the parents of Kiff, Martin and Beryl
    • Deedee Magno Hall voices Kiff’s teacher, Miss Deer Teacher
    • Eugene Cordero voices Kiff’s neighbor, The Pone, and school secretary, Secretary Prince
    • Josh Johnson voices Barry’s brother, Harry Buns
    • Eric Bauza voices TV producer Roy Fox and Kiff’s classmate Reggie
    • Vella Lovell voices Kiff’s classmate, Candle Fox
    • Steve Small voices City Manager Glarbin Gloobin
    • Kent Osborne voices school janitor, Sweepy Steve
    • Gary Anthony Williams voice artist manager Flam Bingo
    • Mary Mac voices Kiff’s classmate Renee
    • Rhys Darby expresses a troll living under a bridge, Trollie
    • Tom Kenny voices Kiff’s classmates Trevor, Gareth and Darryn
    • Katie Crown voice city barista, Pawva
    • Kate Flannery voices laundromat owner and Helen’s sister, Agnes
    • Nichole Sakura voices Barry’s sister, Terri Buns
    • Rachel House voices Barry’s mother, Mary Buns
    • Lucy Heavens voice Helen, theater teacher from Kiff
    • Nic Little voices Headmaster of Table Town School, Principal Secretary

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