FAST TV channels The content library continues to grow, with the channel count now growing to over 230 – with more added every month – offering hundreds of blockbuster movies, TV series, cartoons, sports, news and more.

    The huge collection of FAST channels includes 20 LatAm channels, 17 African channels and 17 Indian channels, in addition to the number of English channels currently available.

    Based on FAST Channels TV’s own reports of total hours watched, the most popular programming is comprised of HITS MEXICANOS, NewsNet, SportsNews, SportsTVPlus and Old West TV. Movie channels are also a big hit, with FlixHouse Horror, Cowboy Classics, Kung Fu Movies, Films and Series by Binge and Urban Action Channel all making the top ten.

    Other fan favorites include Esports Talk, FightTVPlus, Xcorps, Comedy Classics, Skull Bound TV, Cartoon Classics, and Travel and Food TV. The OTT platform and partner operators, TCL, Carbon TV, Flixhouse, Freebie TV, HeroGo TV and Mometu are already taking advantage of the wide offer of FAST Channels TV.

    Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, said: “The explosion of FAST has made entertainment more accessible to film and TV fans. Our diverse catalog of channels caters to genre preferences, allowing partners to put content in demand in front of audiences and allowing viewers around the world to discover and stream the content they love – from old school westerns to moments essential athletes. Our comprehensive suite of automated channel creation and monetization services gives media companies greater control over channel creation and management, and enables content owners and platforms to improve time-to-market and generate income faster.

    Choose from over 230 FAST channels and over 2,000 VoD assets, create your own channel or launch a white label OTT platform.

    For more information on the FAST Channels television platform and the FAST linear and AVoD content available, visit or talk to the FAST Channels TV team at

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