Bailey Chamblee and Katie Ginella know how to play golf.

    The duo are hosting this year’s PGA Show Fashion Show on January 25, and with their own fantastic style from tee to green, Chamblee and Ginella have plenty of predictions for what 2023 will bring in the world of golf fashion.

    Golf apparel has also seen a rapid change, moving from breeches and ties to cotton polo shirts and pleated soles to, now, high necks, hoodies and joggers.

    And no, it’s not a phase. Chamblee thinks these comfort-focused trends are here to stay.

    “Golf stores are becoming lifestyle stores, and that’s totally going to continue into 2023,” notes Chamblee, golf fashion and lifestyle journalist. “People want to wear clothes that represent who they are, and this casualness of golf apparel that we’re seeing gives more people that opportunity.”

    It’s not only great for golfers to have more style and fit choices, but it makes the stigma of fancy collared shirts and pressed pants a little less visible.

    “Today’s golf fashion trends make the game less intimidating for new golfers,” says Ginella, who works at the Grand Golf Club in San Diego, Calif., where she helps the retail team to buy goods. “They walk into golf stores with clothes they think should be worn to play and then are shocked by the new casual and comfortable options that hang up.

    “Everyone now wants to be able to wear their golf outfit comfortably off the course. No one comes home and puts on “dry tech” to get comfortable.

    On tour, the trend towards comfort is also felt. Professional golfers have leaned towards golf hoodies, high tops, fitted pants and more comfortable clothing. This wave of insecurity is a statement of affirmation for people who watch golf on TV, because when players on the tour embrace something, people at home usually follow suit.

    “It’s important for golf traditionalists to understand that these new styles of dress don’t disrespect the game, and neither do the people who wear them,” Chamblee says. “Hopefully we can continue to break down that barrier a bit.”

    The clothing lines to look for in 2023

    Last year, Chamblee was the sole host of the fashion show, but on January 25, Ginella joins her with co-host duties, adding a little more flair to an already exciting event.

    “We thought of ways to freshen up the fashion show, and having a co-host was a great idea,” Chamblee said. “When I was asked who I wanted to be my co-host, it took me about 0.2 seconds to say I wanted Katie.”

    “I screamed,” Ginella recalled after getting the call to co-host.

    So what are Chamblee and Ginella looking forward to in golf fashion in 2023? Both love Greyson for the clothes.

    “It’s chic, sharp, sporty and elegant,” says Chamblee.

    “The fit, color and fabric combinations are hard to beat,” adds Ginella

    When it comes to shoes, they both agree that G/Fore leads the charge on the golf course.

    “G/Fore has made the classic saddle shoe elevated and modernized,” adds Chamblee. “And, yes, saddle shoes aren’t going anywhere on them.”

    The ladies also agreed that the most underrated basic item for a golf wardrobe is a cardigan.

    “I love my cardigans,” says Ginella. “I don’t want to put anything over my head, they’re long enough to keep me warm and they’re cute to wear off the golf course.”

    Says Chamblee: “The cardigans are the jam.”

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