The James Beard Foundation Awards are among the highest honors in the world of American food. The restaurant and chef award semi-finalists will be revealed on Wednesday, January 25, and the finalists will be announced on Wednesday, March 29. Media nominees — including everything from cookbooks to podcasts to TV shows — will be revealed on April 26, with winners to follow shortly after June 3 at a celebration in Chicago. The Restaurant and Chef Awards will be presented at a gala ceremony in Chicago on Monday, June 5.

    The 2023 awards are the Foundation’s second ceremony after a thorough audit and will, like the 2022 awards, feature a few key new protocols, including a different way to showcase talent, personal statements from nominees, and different award categories. The canceled 2020 ceremony was, generally speaking, a mess; the foundation initially blamed the pandemic, but reports also suggested it canceled the awards because there were no black winners and due to concerns about allegations of bullying and sexism among nominees . Some leaders deliberately discredited themselves, while others were reportedly told they were fired. The 2021 program has been canceled to allow sufficient time to complete the audit and implement the changes. All in all, the foundation lost a lot of credibility around its most publicized contribution to the American culinary landscape: its awards program.

    Disclosure: Certain Vox Media staff members are electors of the James Beard Foundation Awards.

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