It seems that the It’s show time the hosts discovered a new “love team” in their group – all for the pleasure of delighting the madlang people. We’re talking about Jhong Hilario and Lassy, ​​who entertain the crowd with their playful banter peppered with Lassy’s actual “feelings” for the Sample King.

    Check out their fun moments in this edition of Kapamilya Update.

    It was Vice Ganda who first hinted at Lassy’s ‘frozen’ feelings for Jhong. He said Lassy might text him again after seeing Jhong set the stage on fire with his suave dance sample in this episode. Lassy has just been caught smiling.

    None other than Vice leads the pack in teasing the two. He once joked about Lassy’s special skill: “hide the feelings of the co-host.” It wasn’t hard to notice that Lassy felt romantic excitementtricking Vice into joking, “If you can emote do you think you’re pretty!?” But, Lassy denied the ‘hidden’ part and boldly admitted that he was actually letting his emotions show. MC Muah reacted, “Wow! Optimistic!”

    How sad is your day when your crush is away from school or work? That’s what we’re reminded of when Vice revealed that Lassy didn’t want to miss work as he left the set the morning of the same day simply because he would miss Jhong. “Thank you Lassy, ​​ah. You will miss me,” said Jhong, to which Lassy replied lovingly, “Too much, Jhong.”

    And it looks like Vice has found the perfect theme song for them: “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. Insert the constant monkey jokes.

    Lassy has finally learned to ride the gregarious banter about their amorous team. In one episode, he candidly told Jhong that he missed him and wanted to cuddle him. Of course, he didn’t miss his chance to give her a hug.

    Laughing out loud, we play the next clip: Jhong’s advice to Lassy on finding that special someone. “Watch out, Lassy.” Of course, it’s not a Jhong-Lassy moment without the punchlines.

    Catch the Hilarious It’s show time family, Monday to Saturday, 12:45 p.m., Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya online liveand A2Z.

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