Don’t be late for your Lyft ride or you’ll have to cough up some extra cash.

    For Lyft drivers and the company itself, time is money, and a new rule means passengers will be charged for delays and suggests the problem is a common occurrence.

    “Waiting time charges help keep our platform running smoothly,” Lyft says in a new notice on its website. “Try to be on time and ready to meet your driver when he arrives at the pickup location.”

    So how exactly does the new rule work?

    The ride-sharing company states that a waiting fee may be charged per minute when your driver waits longer than two minutes at the collection point (five minutes for Lux Black and Lux ​​Black XL).

    Of course, if a Lyft driver arrives early, the countdown doesn’t start until after the agreed pickup time.

    The company says additional waiting charges may apply to your trip depending on how busy it is. Also, if your trip is canceled and you are charged a cancellation fee, you will not be charged any wait time.

    There are no wait time charges for rides categorized as Lyft Shared, Lyft Access, Lyft Assisted, and Car Seat.

    Lyft adds that passengers with disabilities who need more time to board a vehicle can submit a waiver of the wait time fee if their disability affects their ability to board a vehicle on time.

    Lyft doesn’t say how much you’ll have to pay if you make your driver wait, saying only that “wait time charges vary by location.” However, Uber, which introduced a wait time fee in 2016, charges around 60 cents per minute, so we can expect Lyft to charge roughly the same.

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