A renowned and fast-growing youth-run company, Optical Photography embarked on a tree planting campaign in response to the national forest season by inspiring students at Yolodani Primary School to plant 1,000 trees.

    Located at the foot of the Michiru Mountain forest in Chilomoni, Blantyre, the school’s pupils struggle to find shelter in the hot weather as the premises are devoid of trees which can provide cool air.

    Among the trees that were planted were keisha, m’bawa, ntangatanga, nyowe, mombo, msabafumu and in her remarks, Optical Photography’s managing director, Prudence Kasinja, said they had decided to embark on the tree planting exercise to help fight against deforestation and make the country go back to green as it was in years past.

    She added that they thought it was wise to start the exercise at Yolodani School after noticing that the campus had no trees around which teachers and learners could access shade as well. as a class block protection against high winds.

    “To show what good corporate citizens are supposed to do, we thought it was wise to help the environment by planting these trees,” she said. “This is just the beginning of the exercise as we plan to identify other areas where we will plant more.”

    Chilomoni Zone Primary Education Advisor Mirriam Mtukane applauded optical photography for the gesture, saying that once they grow up they will really play an important role in making the campus attractive and providing shade students.

    She encouraged the learners, who had enthusiastically participated in the exercise, to take care of the trees to achieve a high percentage of survival.

    The exercise was carried out in collaboration with the Environmental Society of Malawi (WESM), whose environmental education officer, Ausward Bonongwe, praised optical photography for its initiative, saying that in addition to providing shade students, trees will also help reduce soil erosion and conserve the environment. .

    “This is a great initiative and as WESM we are proud of Optical Photography for considering planting these trees,” he said. “We promise that together with the environmental and wildlife clubs, we will protect the trees.”

    WESM aims to plant 2 million trees in Blantyre in 2023 alone.

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