History Colorado will open an exhibit dedicated to the art of John Fielder.

    DENVER — Award-winning landscape photographer John Fielder has made a huge donation to History Colorado.

    History Colorado has announced that it will serve as steward of more than 5,000 photographs Fielder took of landscapes in every county in Colorado.

    The photographs were chosen from over 200,000 photographs Fielder has taken over the past 50 years. History Colorado said it will digitize and catalog Colorado images so they are easily accessible and searchable by the public.

    Fielder’s photography of Colorado has been featured in dozens of books, won awards, and influenced the passage of laws to protect public lands.

    Fielder has effectively photographed every Colorado landscape since his career began in 1973, compiling a record of how the Colorado landscape has changed over the past half-century.

    “My goal has always been to reveal and preserve the essence of what I consider to be the most beautiful place on Earth: Colorado,” Fielder said. “I am honored that these photos have inspired others and spurred the passage of many environmental protection projects and laws in this beautiful state that I love and cherish.”

    Fielder is well known in Colorado for his “Colorado 1870-2000” photography book series which he produced in partnership with History Colorado.

    The series featured Fielder’s photographs of Colorado with those taken by William Henry Jackson 150 years ago, allowing readers to compare and contrast landscapes.

    “I have both a practical and an emotional connection to History Colorado,” Fielder said. “I’ve always been a history buff and always curious about what life in Colorado was like before I arrived. Seeing the same landscapes I’ve explored as they appeared decades ago – and through the eyes and lenses of people who shared my passion for the Earth – inside the History Colorado collection has always fascinated me.Since History Colorado is a leading institution for historic preservation, it became felt like the natural guardian of my work.

    History Colorado will open an exhibit at the History Colorado Center in late summer 2023 dedicated to the art of John Fielder and create a rotating gallery of his work beginning in January 2024.

    “The scale of John’s gift to the people of Colorado is as breathtaking as the landscapes he captures,” said Dawn DiPrince, executive director of History Colorado and the state’s chief historic preservation officer.

    “This body of work represents the culmination of a life dedicated to documenting and preserving the vistas that define our beloved state so that future generations can be both inspired in their stewardship and informed of the impact of the humanity in these lands we call home.

    “I learned that photographs can influence human action,” Fielder said. “While I want people to be able to appreciate and savor the simple, overt beauty inherent in my images, I also want the photos to influence the way they act in their lives. I hope people who view them will understand the connectedness inextricable between all living things on all of planet Earth, as well as the delicate connectivity between the environments, or ecosystems, in which life exists.”

    “As my knowledge of the science of ecology evolved, it became abundantly clear to me that the Earth is a much smaller thing than we ever imagined, and that it is shrinking constantly relative to the number of creatures demanding to live there,” Fielder says. “The web of life fostered by the connectivity of all things, animate or inanimate, is fragile and when it unravels, humanity will no longer be able to exist.”

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