On the latest episode of the Uproxx series, America, we venture to the east end of Los Angeles to meet two locals who keep the art of film photography alive. Frank and Jennyfer, owners and operators of East LA Film Shop, share a passion for filmmaking passed down from an older generation and provide a vital service to the people of the city. Not just because it’s one of the last one-stop-shops for all things analog photography in town, but because Frank and Jennyfer play an important role in interfacing with their community and helping to document and maintain their living culture. They focus specifically on the city’s older population who sometimes live behind a language barrier, helping to restore their most cherished photographs which have begun to deteriorate over time.

    In addition to retouching old photos and restoring important archival negatives, Frank and Jennyfer also help guide community members interested in photography, turning amateurs into artists. By facilitating the practice of disposable cameras, the pair helps people learn the skills to move from simple compact cameras to SLRs, turning their clients into new artists looking to document their own stories and culture and keep the memories alive. of their families alive for generations to come.

    For more on how Frank and Jennyfer are helping their community capture memories, be sure to watch the latest episode of America above.

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