In 2009, Sandra Bullock took to the stage at the Razzies to receive her Worst Actress award.

    She was not alone. Trailing behind her on a trolley, which she brought to the event herself, was a crate filled with DVDs of the film for which she had won her trophy – the terrible All about Steve.

    “We’ve got the Bullock team here – who aren’t too happy with you guys – and we’ve brought everyone in the audience tonight a DVD of All about Steveshe told the clearly shocked crowd. “Thanks!” shouted a faceless crowd member, to whom Bullock, always the good sport, joked, “You say that now.”

    While it’s true that his decision to run was just good press for Bullock, everyone associated with the Razzies would have considered his appearance a big win. In fact, it was the opposite. Halle Berry was the first star to accept their award in person in 2005, after which she berated Warner Bros for casting her in the ‘piece of s***’ and ‘godawful’ catwoman.

    “I was at the top, then it took me to the bottom,” she said in her speech, in apparent frustration.

    But Bullock’s speech felt like a systematic dispatch of an outdated event that should have been erased years ago, and was crowned just 24 hours later when she won Best Actress at the Oscars for The blind side. Bullock has always had a wonderful sense of timing.

    The Razzies should have called time there. This recognition of an actor at the top of the game was a peak they would never reach again, and the only way was to come down. But on Monday (January 23), the Razzies — officially titled the Golden Raspberry Awards — hit a new low. Alongside actors Tom Hanks (Pinocchio) and Jared Leto (Morbius), organizers nominated Ryan Kiera Armstrong for her performance as a pyrokinetic child in the Stephen King adaptation Fire starter. Ryan Kiera Armstrong is 12 years old.

    Now, actors like Hanks, Leto, and Bullock are fair game — stars whose success is set in stone and are mentally well-equipped to deal with the criticism and setbacks that come with Hollywood territory. Actors who are in on the joke – but also those who understand how the joke works. As far as I can tell, Armstrong knows the Razzies shtick well and finds this nomination hilarious. Hopefully, however, she has a strong support team around her who can explain to her – but how can the organizers be sure of these things? With this thoughtless nomination, how are the Razzies different from a playground bully who preys on someone smaller than them?

    Naming an Oscar winner, or someone with proven bankable success to their name, is okay; highlighting the performance of someone as young as 12 isn’t just corny, it’s reprehensible. It’s amazing to think that Armstrong hadn’t even been born when, in 2009, Bullock attended the ceremony and raised a middle finger invisible to everyone.

    But someone should show Armstrong the clip and, if she wins, the rising star should show up and do something similar. It’s a big ask for someone so young, but it might make it clear that naming a child star for a not-so-awful performance takes the “joking” out of his mind and has the ability to do some damage.

    Ryan Kiera Armstrong in “Firestarter”

    (Universal Images)

    With Armstrong’s nomination for Fire starter, the organizers must be told that it is not possible to harm yourself. Or, failing that, maybe it’s time to burn the whole idea.

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