Coke Studio Bangla, the Bangladeshi edition of Coca-Cola’s international music property “Coke Studio”, has onboarded one of the largest music streaming service providers Spotify as its official music streaming partner. As part of this partnership, all music from Coke Studio Bangla will be exclusively available on Spotify.

    In addition, this partnership will also allow artists to Coke Studio Bangla to share its music with Spotify’s 456 million active users, including 195 million subscribers, in more than 180 markets. The app now hosts all songs and artists previously featured on Coke Studio Bangla, available to users who access it through their mobile or desktop devices. The collaboration between the two music digital platforms promises to make Coke Studio Bangla content more accessible to the rest of the world

    Ta Duy Tung, General Manager of Coca-Cola Bangladesh, said, “Partnering with Spotify is great news for music lovers around the world. Our songs will now be easily accessible to anyone with a Spotify account. We hope that such a partnership will make the coming season even better.”

    The recently concluded “Season One” contained a total of 10 songs featuring a host of top musicians including Arnob, Tahsan Rahman Khan, Bappa Majumdar, Samina Chowdhury, Momtaz Begum, Mizan Rahman, Kona, Pantho Kanai, Rituraj, Masha, Nandita, Rubayat, Boga Taleb and, Animes Roy.

    Khan FM, Artists & Labels Partnership Manager (Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka) – Spotify had this to say about the partnership, “We are so excited to be the official music streaming partner in Coke Studio Bangla’s journey. Coke Studio Bangla quickly became a household name across Bangladesh and cultivated a love for different genres of music from its inauguration. As an official audio streaming service partner, we look forward to creating a wonderful and enhanced listening experience for our Bangladeshi and South Asian listeners around the world as they browse the playlists from season 1 and now. of season 2 on Spotify. It is an honor to amplify Coke Studio Bangla worldwide.

    Coke Studio Bangla Music Producer Shayan Chowdhury Arnob added, “Coke Studio Bangla has had a massive positive impact on people, especially young people, as we have seen over 1,500 song and dance covers on social media, over 150 fan art created and 1,600 plus song reviews. Having an audio platform like Spotify in our team is impactful for us as we plan for Season 2. Coke Studio Bangla has always tried to make the audience a central part of the musical journey. The partnership between the two music platforms is a step towards providing audiences with an immersive experience.”

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