TDI Production-Solutions, a passenger transport provider for leisure transport industry, has identified three key trends in the leisure industry for the next 12 months: sustainability, affordability and profitability. TDI-PS works alongside its award-winning sister company, Transport Design International, which inspires the transport of tomorrow by creating bespoke solutions for road and rail.

    The company’s zero-carbon innovations in transportation innovations can be designed and built for use by visitors in or around theme parks, zoos, attractions and the wider leisure industry across the world.


    TDI-PS is proud to work with customers who have made sustainability a priority.

    The company’s portfolio includes a range of battery-powered people movers, including Vision, Delga, Lync, Cube and Orbit. It also offers mini-electric trains, which are equipped with a battery pack to allow flexibility and ensure environmentally friendly operation.

    Vision TDI

    Transport Design International is an award-winning specialist in the design and manufacture of vehicles featuring the very latest in lightweight technology (VLR/LRT), disruptive propulsion systems and zero-emission battery hybrids. TDI has four flagship vehicles including Revolution VLR, Lync Urban, Vectus PRT and Orbit Urban.

    TDI also works with its customers to conduct feasibility studies and transportation planning to provide a future-proof solution to their needs, whether it is leisure or public transportation.

    Andy StreetMayor of West Midlands, says:

    “From an expanded metro network and new train stations to more cycle lanes and better electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the projects we have agreed today will benefit all regions, with improved connections for communities across the West Midlands, while tackling the climate emergency by reducing our carbon emissions.


    All company vehicles are designed and built with accessibility in mind.

    The modular design of the Lync range means the cars can be manufactured in three sizes, in terms of length, width and interior seating arrangement, to suit the operating environment and customer capacity requirements .

    Revolution VLR, including its walkways and doors, has been designed with easy access to disabled spaces. At its home in Ironbridge, UK, the company built the platform with a wide ramp and ensured the vehicle complied with PRM TSI accessibility requirements. It is also equipped with passenger air conditioning and a passenger information system.

    Andy Walker of the spinal cord injury charity Back-Up Trust said: “I am impressed that you have asked people with disabilities to come to Revolution VLR. It’s fantastic that you have invited people with different levels of injuries, types of wheelchairs and situations… Revolution VLR looks fantastic, and I think it will be a huge asset to the community.

    Revolution TDI VLR


    One variant of TDI was the successful Coventry Very Light Rail project, which was received as an excellent investment in the community.

    This Very Light Rail project is about a quarter of the cost of a conventional streetcar, largely because it can usually be installed without the need to divert utilities. Lync The systems are significantly cheaper than a conventional tram and do not require intrusive infrastructure such as overhead cables or electrified rails.

    Luisa Moisiohead of research and development at the Rail Safety and Standards Board, said the company’s products: “combining the best of cutting-edge technology from the rail and automotive sectors to deliver a significantly cheaper, low-emission solution.”

    TDI has been advising parks for more than three decades. She knows that sustainability and accessibility are fundamental and uses its philosophy to encourage the entire industry to adopt renewable and sustainable transport choices.

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