In a way, we are almost a month in the year.

    We’ve already made (and broken) our New Year’s resolutions, Marie Kondo has edited our makeup bags, and we’ve been given a list of trendy spa treatments that should make the next 11 months of the year, uh, interesting To say the least.

    spa seekers recently released a report on wellness and spa trends that are set to define the year ahead and the results have us, shall we say, unnerving.

    Concerned primarily with our bank accounts, we’ve also come to fear for our femininity, as the top smackbang on the list is “yoni steam” (followed by “crystal massage”).

    With those bizarre celebrity beauty treatments Loved by the Kourtney Kardashians and Gwyneth Paltrows of the world (and challenged by medical professionals) is gaining popularity, it seems alternative beauty is approaching the mainstream.

    However, if a steamed yoni and a massage with crystals aren’t your thing, there are also more conventional entries on the list of the year’s biggest spa trends to try.

    1/ Yoni steam

    Increase in searches: 124%

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