BOWLING GREEN, Ky. โ€” Immediately following the incident at Anna’s Greek restaurant on Jan. 17, the NAACP’s Bowling Green Chapter launched an investigation into the events surrounding the night.

    The Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky was scheduled to have Ryan Quarles, a Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Louisville Police Sgt. John Mattingly at a ticketed event at the Bowling Green Country Club. After publicity for their event began circulating on social media, a protest by BG Freedom Walkers was announced to counter the event.

    Prior to the event, Ryan Quarles dropped out of the event “due to the controversial nature of another speaker”. Quarles had said he was unaware of Mattingly’s attendance at the event as they had been invited separately by the women’s club. Shortly before the event, the country club called and canceled the club, giving them only a few hours to find a replacement venue which they then landed at Anna’s. In discussions with those present that night, no warnings were given as to the conduct of the club and Mattingly.

    With the community and the nation searching for answers, the NAACP seeks clarity in order to bring some accountability with those involved. Chapter President Ryan Dearbone is not yet sure how long this will last, but assured News 40 that it is not something he and the members would allow to go through.

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