BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-There’s a new event coming to Bowling Green – the White Squirrel Art Fest is happening in April!

    The arts festival will feature arts-related events at SKyPAC, SoKY Marketplace, and Sky Science Festival Expo Day.

    From Friday to Sunday afternoon, downtown Bowling Green will be bustling with shows, exhibits and activities.

    Organizers say that while Bowling Green is known for Corvettes, Hot Rods, the Lost River Cave and other things, there’s also plenty of art they want people to experience!

    “I think the excitement of the White Squirrel Arts Fest is that there’s something for everyone. If you like Bluegrass music, you can go somewhere. If you like poetry and don’t have never seen a poetry slam, you really have to be there. If you’re interested in the art of brewing, if you’re interested in fine art or crafts, we have something for everyone,โ€ said Elaine Walker, Director of the White Squirrel Arts Fest Board of Directors.

    The planning committee is looking for poets, musicians, performers and other artists who might want to participate. Click here for more information.

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