“I think people are realizing there’s a certain charm to using and abusing your kitchen,” designer Maggie Dillon told Southern Living. “If you have marble or soapstone countertops, don’t be afraid of the scratches or knocks that might come with late nights with guests or preparing a big family meal.”

    Saturated colors

    Neutral colored kitchens have been popular for quite some time. And while they’re not going away any time soon, interior designer Julia Dempster predicts saturated colors will play a bigger role in kitchen design this year.

    “People want to feel something emotional in their spaces and tend to embrace saturated colors like deep forest green, rust, rich reddish brown, amethyst, or jewel-toned blue rather than neutrals and the white,” she told Insider.

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    large islands

    Kitchen islands seem to get bigger and bigger over the years. And this trend is only expected to intensify in 2023, according to Hilary Matt of Hilary Matt Interior.

    “Traditional kitchens are moving into other parts of the home,” Matt told The Spruce. “Over the coming year, I predict larger – and even double – kitchen islands will be incorporated to accommodate larger kitchen entertaining and gathering spaces.”

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