US traitors

    8 p.m., BBC 3

    If you were left begging for more of the best reality series of 2022 after a party binge, here it is – American style. Set in the same castle, with the same rules and many of the same tasks, there are only two big changes: Alan Cumming is delightfully deviant as Claudia Winkleman, and half of the contestants are American celebrities (well, the former Big Brother and Below deck stars). Sure, it can’t beat the UK one – but it’s still a cracking game to get stuck into. Hollie Richardson

    Waterloo Road

    8 p.m., BBC One

    “Even the building is turning against us,” Mr Guthrie shrugs as another tough day dawns at school. Children are screaming before they even walk through the doors, and a theater workshop turns into shattered windows and chaos. Meanwhile, troubled student Preston hits a low point and head badass Kim has an out-of-character moment. Hannah Verdier

    Difficult… James Baxter and Angela Griffin in Waterloo Road
    Difficult… James Baxter and Angela Griffin at Waterloo Road. Photography: David Gennard/BBC/Wall to Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction

    India: the Modi question

    9 p.m., BBC 2

    The second episode of the two-part series questioning Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s troubled relationship with the sizeable Muslim minority looks at Modi’s time in government. Amnesty International has repeatedly criticized policies (including India’s new citizenship law) which it says treat Muslims unfairly. Why have the Indian offices of the organization been closed? Phil Harrison

    24 hours in A&E

    9 p.m., Channel 4

    Another visit to the bustling Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham. This week, a young woman who was knocked off her motorbike suffered physical trauma, but doctors are also concerned about her groggy verbal responses. Elsewhere, a sachet of coffee sugar is pressed in the medical ward. Graeme Virtue

    The family heap

    9:30 p.m., ITV1

    Bafta-winning Brian Dooley’s stunning new sitcom about four very different Liverpudlian sisters who clean up their dead parents’ house continues. Nicole and Ursula are sorting out the shed when they discover a secret that reminds them of their father in a whole new light. HOUR

    Storyville – Three Minutes: A Lengthening

    10 p.m., BBC Four

    Bewitching and beautiful… A photo from Storyville's Three Minutes: A Lengthening
    Bewitching and beautiful… A photo from Storyville’s Three Minutes: A Lengthening. Photo: Courtesy of Family Affair Films/BBC/US Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Both haunting and beautiful, this documentary narrated by Helena Bonham Carter begins with three minutes of silent footage filmed by David Kurtz in a Jewish town in Poland in 1938. Kurtz’s grandson, who found the film in 2009, helps unraveling the stories of people smiling and going about their daily lives. Most were later murdered during the Holocaust, but one of the few remaining survivors – a boy in the film – recalls his memories here. HOUR

    Choice of movies

    Beast (Michael Pearce, 2017) 10:50 p.m., Film4
    This feverish crazy love mystery from 2017 was our first indication that Jessie Buckley was a star in the making. She shines through the film as Moll, the disgruntled daughter of a wealthy Jersey family who is drawn to the dangerous Pascal (Johnny Flynn). Meanwhile, a string of girl murders has the island on edge. While Pascal may have his secrets (is he the killer?), Moll is not the devoted child his controlling mother (the tall Geraldine James) would like. Writer-director Michael Pearce next directed Riz Ahmed’s tense thriller Encounter, so there’s another one worth watching. Simon Wardel

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