Full English by Grayson Perry

    9 p.m., Channel 4

    In this nuanced series, Perry and Kirk, his male friend with a van, travel around England to collect items for an exhibition about what it means to be English today. Heading south, they encounter Jeremy patrolling the English Channel at Dover who says he is “defending” the country against “people who shouldn’t come here”. Perry then heads to the West Country to meet Greywolf (also known as Philip), the founder of the British Order of Druids. Hollie Richardson

    The dragon’s lair

    8 p.m., BBC One

    Strutting around the den this week: Sequin-clad Ashlee wants £50,000 for her disco clothing brand Sparklebutt (“Designed to be worn by anyone with a butt!”), while the founder of eco social enterprise -cleaning Amelia preludes to her speech by calling Peter Jones “Handsome”. HOUR

    'Beautiful you say?'  … Will Peter Jones be soft on investing?
    ‘Beautiful you say?’ … Will Peter Jones be soft on investing? Photo: Grab/BBC

    Alex Jones: Making Babies

    8 p.m., W

    Alex Jones is engaging and adorable in her role as an assistant at King’s Fertility clinic in London. This week, she gets a lesson on sperm checking and choosing (“The bottom one looks like she’s given up on life”). Emotional moments ensue as she meets the patients, including Des, who gives a sample and hopes for “swimmers.” Hannah Verdier

    The apprentice

    9 p.m., BBC One

    There’s bartering in Brighton and haggling in Hove, as candidates compete for nine items of seaside significance. The team that acquires the most at the lowest price wins, but then they return to the boardroom, where the rules are less clear and Lord Alan’s moods are as changeable as the coastal weather. Ellen E. Jones

    Marie Antoinette

    9:05 p.m., BBC 2

    After a slow start, this easy-to-watch period drama just got juicier and bolder. Horrified after learning that the king’s mourning can last up to a year, the bored teenage queen takes matters into her own hands and throws a lavish party. Yes please! HOUR

    10 p.m., Channel 4

    Another cold case as TV’s hunger for true crime stories shows no signs of abating. This time, Emilia Fox, criminologist David Wilson and former detective Dr Graham Hill examine the murder of Deborah Wood, who disappeared after a night out in Leeds in 1996. Phil Harrison

    Choice of movies

    Committed performance(s) … Aubrey Plaza at Black Bear
    Committed performance(s) … Aubrey Plaza at Black Bear. Photograph: Landmark Media/Alamy

    Black Bear (Lawrence Michael Levine, 2020) First video

    A teasing air of mystery pervades Levine’s off-center drama, a two-halve narrative exploring the creative process. Aubrey Plaza could fill a showreel with her committed performance(s) as Allison, a filmmaker (or is she an actress?) intent on writing her next film in the lakeside log cabin owned by the Christopher Abbott’s musician, Gabe, and his pregnant partner, Blair (Sarah Gadon) – a couple whose misfortune is brought to a boil by his presence. After this blackish opening, the second part presents the same three actors in the same place but as different characters. The plot of the shooting is often comical, but becomes increasingly charged and emotional. Simon Wardel

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