Sainsbury’s and Nectar have announced the taste trends sweeping the country in 2022, as Nectar’s Year in Review returns tomorrow for digital customers on the Nectar app. Customers can expect personalized insight into their shopping habits from 2022, including their three most frequently purchased products. Using data from 17.6* million Nectar customers, the retailer revealed which customer shopping habits were popular last year.

    At the start of 2022, more and more people opted for a dry January, with purchases of non-alcoholic products up 20% year-over-year. Vegan has also proven popular, with purchases of vegan products up nearly 9% from 2021.

    Needless to say, Brits had a pancake day in March, with over 900,000 lemons and almost 2 million boxes of eggs bought in the week before Shrove Tuesday. Pancake Day wasn’t the only day customers had eggs at the top of their shopping lists: At Easter, 10.7 million chocolate eggs were purchased in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, as well only 3.5 million hot rolls!

    In June, the nation came together to celebrate Her Majesty the late Queen Elizabeth II on her Platinum Jubilee. The long weekend saw families, friends and neighbors get together for street parties and with a staple on the menu: scones! 1,167,000 triumphant scones were gobbled up, with almost 95,000 customers buying a packet on the first day of the Jubilee weekend!

    The rest of the summer had plenty more opportunities to celebrate together, as Wimbledon saw customers buy 3.5 million servings of strawberries and 341,000 tubs of cream. The England women’s football team finally brought it home and to celebrate, customers bought over 900,000 bags of crisps and nuts, over 125,000 dips and nearly 1.5 million bottles and cans of beer on the day of the final!

    At the start of the school holidays, Nectar launched The Great Fruit & Veg Challenge, which lasted 7 weeks. The digital challenge was hugely popular with an incredible 88 million servings of fruit purchased, up 59% from the 2021 challenge. Customers remained bananas for bananas with over a billion pieces of fruit purchased, beating the number of servings purchased for apples and oranges combined!

    Halloween’s popularity continued to grow with nearly 800,000 customers purchasing a pumpkin, up 6% from last year. During the first week of November, thoughts turned to winter warmers as hot chocolate stations became an Instagram moment. Customers were clearly driving this trend with over 190,000 pots of hot chocolate and over 18,000 packets of marshmallows purchased – the ingredients for a spectacular bonfire party!

    As the year drew to a close, December saw families and friends come together to celebrate the Christmas holidays – it seems there was no dry turkey in sight with customers buying 3.5 million pots of sauce for the big day! Shoppers also bought more than a million packs of Yorkshire puddings to go with their Christmas Day feast.

    Alex Naisby, Director of Loyalty and CRM at Sainsbury’s, said: “Nectar’s Year in Review is always a moment I look forward to as not only is it exciting to discover my best buys, but it’s also great to see the products our customers love and the celebrations. and the trends they like.

    “Last year we came together to celebrate so many moments as a nation, and as usual, food and drink were at the heart of these defining moments. We are delighted to have helped our customers to to please and celebrate, but also for supporting them to make healthier choices. I can’t wait to see how customers’ shopping habits will change throughout 2023!

    Digital Nectar** customers will be able to access their statistics for the year through the Nectar app, revealing whether customers are the first purchaser of a product at their favorite store, as well as their three most frequently purchased products.

    Other data, including top tier purchases, fruit and vegetable servings purchased, total number of transactions, and number of Nectar Points collected, will also be presented. New Nectar customers can also access Year in Review, which features regional data, based on where they live.

    Shoppers should remember to swipe or scan their Nectar card when shopping at Sainsbury’s and downloading the Nectar app.

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